Irene. PEACE.

Almighty Loving God.


He is Lord of all.  Lord means: Owner and Decider, with Power of deciding.

He sent His Son as Savior of the world to love us; to save us from a badly and eternally missed mark.

He is pouring out His Holy Spirit upon us as we turn to Him (be still and know).

He lovingly wants us to be “found in peace.”

He alone can give peace and true love, not as the world could possibly ever give.

2 Peter 3.14 ends with such a precious word:  Irene (Greek).  PEACE.

The goodness of God is without end.

Thank you precious and loving Abba Father for You Yourself, Source of all the good we have ever known, and will ever know.

A song from Colossians 3.15,16:

Let the Peace of God

God bless and encourage you and yours in Jesus’ Name.


Love in Jesus,