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Song Description: Something God showed me a long time ago (2/19/1992)
CD Name: Other Songs #1

I Saw A Line


I saw a line

In the eyes of my heart

Moving through some chaos

Moving through the dark

And it moved by things

Familiar to me

But the things I saw

Were a mystery


And it came to pass

As it moved ahead

That nothing lasted

Wherever it led

And it came to pass

And did not stay


It touched some joy

And it touched some tears

It went through springtime days

And winter years

It touched some smiles

And I had to laugh

And it touched some people

That I wanted back


I saw a line

Moving side to side

Some turns were sharp

And some were wide

And it went through days

Where time went slowly

When there seemed no purpose

As far as I could know


And I finally saw

As I looked behind

How it formed a map

Of my life time

And I saw that God

Had signed the plan

And he brought to pass

What His Son began


And it came to pass

That I entered in

Where there are no tears

Where there is no sin

And it came to pass

And I saw Him then


I saw a line

And it had no end

With every turn

It would just begin

It would just begin with Him