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Song Description: Oh to be so in love with Him that nothing can distract us away from Him!  Thank You Father for loving us without distraction, and for enabling us supernaturally to love You that way too!
CD Name: Other Songs #1

My One Concern

I wake up in the morning

and I can't remember what the preacher said

the night before

and I toss and turn and search for God

but I cannot stop from thinking

about people places and things that should be

furthest from my mind, but


I want only You

to be so deep inside Your love

that I can't share my thoughts

with any other gods

and my well being wont distract me

if right now my one concern is -- You


I try to write a song

but my spirit doesn't need another song

another tool

and I see that I am well equipped

to glorify my God today

and listen to His voice and not my own

cause when I'm holding still


And I try to read my bible

but I know it's all been read a million times

by someone else

and I feel like what's the use?

because I'll never understand it all

I'll never reach the depth

that others have

but I just don't care, because