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Song Description: O how we prepare a place for You precious Spirit of God.  You are holy, set apart, unlike any other.  No one and nothing can approach You.  Yet we ask You to draw near to us.  Be with us and in us.  We welcome You here.
CD Name: Other Songs #1

Welcome Here

There is a Presence in this room

it's filling up our time and space

more than the motions of ourselves

there's Someone moving through this place


And You are welcome in this place -- Holy Spirit

Your body without You would be dead

and we would waste away to our graves without You

Holy Spirit -- welcome here


There is a longing in a heart

whose waters run to deep to show

throughout the Body there are needs

there is not one He does not know


There is a joy that's just been found

a desperate heart has opened wide

and someone's speaking unknown words

Jesus is loving him inside


There are emotions that we feel

and then there's something even more

it's joy unspeakable inside

and full of glory from the Lord