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See Luke 10.38-42
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Song Description: We should value what is valuable.
CD Name: Scripture Songs #4

See Luke 10.38-42 (see JPG image of scripture)


Mary sat at the feet of Jesus

listening to His words

her thirsty heart was drinking in

the words of God in the flesh


Martha was busy with many things

she thought someone should do

her heart was filled with good ideas

for giving food away (refrain)




It came down, down, came crashing down

the things that were familiar

down, down, came crashing down

the things she thought she could do

but there is only one thing that's needful

one thing you'll never lose

that's Jesus Himself

what Jesus can do

not you---


Things have always been done this way

when someone comes to your house

you give them food & you entertain

and make them feel at home


The temple of God came walking in

and sat down in the building

and God inside began to speak

the very words of life  (refrain)


Martha was distracted by all

the serving that had to be done

so she came to Jesus feeling hurt and alone

"Don't you care that Mary won't help?"


Martha, Martha you are anxious

and troubled about many things

but Mary has chosen that one needful part

which won't be taken away (refrain)